What You Can Expect at Lighthouse Tattoo Artist in Sydney

When you think of a tattoo artist in Sydney, you may imagine a dodgy tattoo parlour set on a street corner in a questionable neighbourhood. Do you see a place where nighttime merrymakers step in to get an “I-Heart-U” or new BFF tattoo they will regret in the morning?

Relax – that’s not what we’re about. At Lighthouse Tattoo, you can expect artistry–an exclusive piece crafted by artists in their respective fields that will turn heads and make you a walking Mona Lisa. If this is what you want, then here’s what we can provide:



Our tattoo artists have over 30 years of experience in tattoos, which means we have the skill and know-how to deliver stunning results.

We can use whichever design you prefer, and we promise there will be none other like it because we focus on artistry and technical skills to give you something truly singular. When you’re ready to move towards a sophisticated piece and sit for a few hours, browse our amazing artists’ work. American Traditional, Japanese, Neo Traditional, Realism, Blackwork, Geometric Dot Work… You have lots of options from our talented gang!


Award-winning Artists

We believe every artist in our team is a master in their field, and the passion for our work shines through in every piece we create. You don’t need an award-winning artist to walk out with a masterpiece. Still, it sure helps give you the peace of mind that your permanent ink will be gorgeous, quality skin art with the added bragging rights of one of our artists.

Browse the different tattoo styles of each artist, but remember they can do other styles and “standard” tattoos – as you can expect from any artist. Contact us for a consultation when you’re ready. We find in-person consultations work best to better understand your style and vibe when chatting about the best tattoo designs for you.

Communication is critical during the consultation as this is where you show us your examples or sketches of your ideas. We need all the information you can give us and details of your vision so we can draw up a picture-perfect design for you.


Location Options

We have two studios you can choose from, but it’s important that you first select the style and artist you feel resonates with you best before making an appointment.

We recommend you browse our tattoo artist’s galleries and locations. Then, consult with your chosen person and book your spot. The Lighthouse Tattoo artist team operates in Sydney and Surrey Hills by appointment only; at Lighthouse Tattoo Studio in Pemberton St, Botany, we can also help walk-ins. 

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