What to Consider When Planning a Neo-Traditional Tattoo in Sydney

Neo-traditional tattoos in Sydney combine traditional colours and styles with contemporary techniques, such as bold black outlines, primary shades, and iconic images. Modernisation means more and brighter colour options, increased intricacy and delicacy, more light and dark, and a broader spectrum of image choices. 

These tattoos are still well-defined and resonant but more vivid. They can also embrace other style influences, such as art nouveau, tribal, illustrations, and realism, with three-dimensionality and a sense of dynamism. They incorporate conventional roses, anchors, daggers, snakes, swallows and big cats. However, these versatile designs add portraits, nature, animals, fantasy, and pop culture images such as cartoon and video game characters.

Neo-traditional tattoos are less conventional but also not too contemporary. Instead, they offer old-school with flair. Yet, what should you consider when planning a neo-traditional tattoo? 


Planning Your Neo-Traditional Tattoo Art

You’ve chosen this vibrantly familiar yet fresh style to adorn your body, now ensure you get the tattoo of your dreams. To start, do your homework. 

The Right Artist

Choose an artist specialising in neo-traditional work. Explore their portfolio and reviews, and make sure you love what they ink and trust their experience.

A Local Studio

Source a studio you like that’s local (you may be spending a lot of time there) and offers free consultations. Meeting up with your potential artist before committing lets you know whether you get along and how they go about their art to ensure it’s right for you.

A Comprehensive Consultation

Make the most of your consultation. You’ll discuss your image, colour, size, and placement ideas. Do you need a custom design, or is there an existing design you want? Don’t underestimate these. They are also original and can be ideal. Pre-drawn flash is sometimes preferable, especially if you don’t have much time, and it can be more affordable. Your artist will also have practice perfecting the design. 

At the same time, customised neo-traditional body art is creative – most enjoyable for the artist and meaningful for you. We encourage you to have the confidence to give your artist their freedom – you won’t be sorry. 

Proper Preparation

Before going ahead, ensure your artist takes measurements. It’s also crucial that you’ve prepared your skin – the artist’s canvas. A smooth surface is best, so exfoliate and moisturise the area. Also, stay safe. A great tattoo takes time. So come to your appointment well-rested and fed – but no alcohol or drugs – and ready to invest in your design. 

Leave Room and Time

Wear light, loose clothes. Your skin may feel sensitive afterwards, and you must keep your new tattoo covered and out of the sun. Also, avoid booking your body art session when you have other pressing engagements. Your artist may need more time than anticipated, and you don’t want to rush your work of art.

Neo-traditional tattoos offer a customary yet customised style for everyone. The inherent flexibility means you can lean to the traditional but with more colour and precision or add a striking, adventurous, and contemporary twist to a favourite golden oldie.  


Make the Iconic Highly Individual With Lighthouse Tattoo 

Our gifted and experienced neo-traditional tattoo team includes Norrie, Mark, Johann, Scott and Shane. Each renders your desired flash or one-of-a-kind design to give you an easily identifiable yet unique, clean-edged, delicately or boldly paletted, stand-out tattoo. So, why not let us help you “wear your heart on your skin in this life.”? Book your consultation today or contact us for more information.

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