What are the top 4 most popular tattoo placements for women?

Tattoos have long been a form of self-expression, a piece of art etched into the skin holding personal significance or as a constant reminder of something cherished. They exist not just as decoration but as a narrative of one’s life journey, experiences, values, or dreams. This process of self-adornment allows one to communicate their individuality and thoughts, often in the most beautiful and intimate ways.

Beyond the design, size, and colour of a tattoo, the placement of it on the body can greatly impact both its significance and aesthetic appeal.  Women have embraced the art of tattooing, and with it, have experimented with different body placements to find the perfect spot for their ink. Here are the top 4 most popular tattoo placements for women:



For minimalistic and delicate tattoos, the wrist offers a visible yet subtle placement for women. Matching tattoos among friends, siblings, and partners is also popular on the wrist since it’s a small and intimate area. Think of small symbols, dates, or words that hold special meaning to you when considering a wrist tattoo.

In terms of pain, you’ll surely feel a pinch, but the area is relatively easy to heal and maintain. Just keep in mind that the less fat and muscle in the area, the more pain it may cause so watch out for those bony areas.


Inner arm

Another tattoo placement that offers a combination of visibility and subtlety is the inner arm. It’s an ideal place to show off your ink when you want to, but also easily hidden with a long-sleeved shirt or jacket. Ideally for medium-sized tattoos, the inner arm allows for a bit more space and can be easily expanded into larger, detailed pieces. Some common designs for inner arm tattoos include flowers, cosmic patterns, quotes, or even a mantra to remind you of your values and beliefs.

This placement, however, is more prone to  stretching and fading over time, especially if you workout or gain/lose weight in the area. Friction from clothing can also cause damage, so it’s important to properly care for your tattoo and touch-up as needed.


Upper thigh

Although not traditionally seen as a feminine placement, the upper thigh has become increasingly popular among women in recent years. And what’s not to love? Compared to other areas, the upper thigh is easier to cover up and is a great canvas for larger, more intricate designs. It’s also a less painful area since there is more fat and muscle which can help absorb the needle.

Some popular designs for the upper thigh include mandalas, floral arrangements, and wildlife scenes. Then again, the possibilities are endless, and you can truly express your creativity on this larger canvas. Just be mindful that certain positions or clothing may cause rubbing and irritation to the area, so plan accordingly for aftercare.


Side of the ribs

If you’re looking for a placement that exudes sensuality and femininity, a side rib tattoo might be your perfect choice. The natural curves of the body serve as a guide for the tattoo, creating a beautiful flow and enhancing the overall design. It’s also a perfect addition when you’re wearing crop tops or bikinis, which makes it a popular placement among women, especially beachgoers.

Be warned, though, that this area is known to be one of the most painful spots for tattoos due to the lack of fat and muscle in the area. Beginners and individuals with low pain tolerance are urged to consider this factor before committing to a side rib tattoo.


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