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One of the most common subjects of tattoos are animals. Because of a long history of human and animal sub-existence, there has been a lot of mythology and meaning attached to them. Whether it be your country’s national animal or whether it be a zodiac related to your birthdate, they offer plenty of options for a meaningful tattoo. With this multitude of considerations, here is a guide for what to consider when getting the best animal tattoo design in Sydney.

Which animal do you want tattooed?

At the heart of every great animal tattoo, is the animal. As such your first decision should be, “what animal am I going to get?”. As mentioned prior, animals can signify a lot of different things. Historically Bumble Bees have had multiple meanings attached to them, including industry and fertility. Even in recent history, bees have had more connotations attached to them. A great example is the bee being a symbol of the togetherness of the people of Manchester after a terror attack in 2017. The image of an animal can also mean something deeply personal to you, with images of a deceased pet being tattooed in recognition of the positive impact they had on the canvas’ lives. You may, however, want something completely different and find you want a mythical animal. Dragons, unicorns and leviathans are all mentioned in various mythical texts of vastly different cultures. These cultural meanings may mean something to you or they may just be something you find visually appealing. However, having the background of these meanings may help you make a decision on the animal you are choosing.

What style of tattoo are you looking for?

Once you have your animal in mind, it is time to decide on what style of design you would like to receive. Tattoo designs can vary from genre to genre. At Lighthouse Tattoo, one of our specialties is traditional Japanese tattooing. This genre is notable for its unique designs and its focus on boldness and strong line work. Animals like Koi, Lions and Dragons are regularly depicted in this style. But there are also other tattoo styles that have featured depictions of animals. This can include birds in traditional tattooing or family pets in photo realistic tattoos. Because of this, you will have to find an artist whose specialty is in that tattoo genre. This means that before picking your artist, it is important to make sure they show they have confidence in their ability to complete the tattoo.

Do you want a background?

The framing of a tattoo can be as important as the tattoo itself. If you want an inconspicuous tattoo, without any added features, then a background is not necessary. Alternatively, if you feel the animal alone would look out of place, you can add a background element. Crests, laurels and other basic elements have all been used to frame tattoos. These can also include messages and other elements that signify meaning to you. Alternatively, a background can be an extension of the animal in the tattoo. A great example of this is how people receiving traditional Japanese tattoos get backgrounds that include flowers and other elements. This doesn’t have to be limited to tattoos in traditional Japanese stylings, as backgrounds can be easily introduced. Asking your tattoo artist will help in making this decision, as they can show you mock designs with these backgrounds.

What tattoo artist are you going to choose?

Finally, the most vital part of getting any tattoo, picking the right artist. When you choose Lighthouse Tattoo Studio Sydney or Lighthouse Electric Tattoo Botany, you will have a variety of skilled artists to choose from. Each one has their own portfolio of images on the site, with a short biography on the styles they specialise in. This includes artists like Lauren Fox who have done multiple animal tattoos in a neo-traditional style. Our tattooist’s portfolio means you can choose the artist you feel will be able to best bring your ideas to life.

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  • Anastasia Haumu

    Looking to get a tattoo of my cat who just passed away.
    Could u provide some details such as prices, artists location if parlours. And how lifelike it will be.
    Kind regards

    • lighthouse

      Hi Ana, please check your email, we have contacted you there for further information.

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