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Tattoos are more than just body art; once drawn and inked, they become an integral part of our identity, a reminder of our beliefs, passions, or memories. Now that 2024 is coming in fast, as always, it brings along new tattoo trends that will define the year. From the minimalistic to the extravagant, here are some of the top tattoo trends that will dominate 2024.

Freehand Tattoo

You may immediately think of stencils and outlines when you hear the word tattoo, but freehand tattoos are set to take over in 2024. From the word itself, the technique involves drawing and inking directly onto the skin without any prior sketches or templates. This then allows for more fluidity, creativity, and personalisation as the artist can adapt to the body’s curves and unique features.

Subtle, Delicate Line Tattoo

For tattoo enthusiasts who prefer a more understated and subtle look, the thin and delicate line tattoo is a perfect choice. Its minimal approach departs from the bold and vibrant designs, making it ideal for those who want to make a statement without going too over-the-top. This trend is popular amongst women, as it can be easily hidden or flaunted depending on their preference. Among the common designs for this type of tattoo are flowers, animals, and intricate geometric patterns.

Japanese Tattoo

The Japanese influence, through their rich culture and history, has always been a source of inspiration for global architecture, fashion, and of course, tattoos. Also known as Irezumi or Horimono, Japanese tattooing has been around for centuries and is characterised by its colourful and detailed designs that tell a story or convey symbolic meanings – the samurai, geisha, and koi fish being some popular examples. In Australia alone, our clients travel far and wide to get inked by our renowned Japanese tattoo artists.

Realism Tattoo

Similar to Japanese tattoos, realism tattoos also involve intricate and detailed designs. However, this trend focuses more on creating lifelike and realistic images that can be mistaken for photographs or paintings. Requiring exceptional skill and precision, realism tattoos are highly sought after by clients who want to immortalise their loved ones – be it a portrait of their children, parents, or even their pets.
In fact, for some people, a tattoo of their spirit animal can hold more meaning and value than any other design – a tiger to represent the urge to be free, a butterfly for transformation and growth, and perhaps, the golden phoenix for rebirth.

Get inked by the best in Botany, Surry Hills, and surrounding areas

We believe that the most important aspect of a tattoo is the meaning and significance it holds for the individual. Trends may come and go, but what makes it a timeless masterpiece is the amount of thought and heart put into it.

At our tattoo studio, we have a team of experienced and talented artists who balance the equation of keeping up with the latest trends and creating a lasting work of art for our clients. Contact us now to book a consultation and discuss your ideas for your next ink.

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