Tattoo Time: 5 Key Considerations You Can’t Ignore

Many tattoo enthusiasts would often note that they regretted getting certain tattoos, which often arise due to a lack of proper consideration before getting inked. A huge chunk of people would often regret impulsively getting inked without intentional thought – the placement, the design, or even the size of their tattoos.

In this article, we’ll take our time to highlight five essential considerations that you should make before getting your first, or even next tattoo, in a bid to help you make an informed decision.


Design Permanence

Before getting a tattoo, think about whether or not you can commit to having a permanent design on your body. Sure, temporary tattoos (henna, anyone?) are fun and can spice up your look temporarily. But a permanent tattoo is just that – permanent. You cannot go around and change your mind the next day. Hence, a word of advice is to carefully choose a design that has meaning to you and will continue to hold significance in your life.

Some ideas to throw around might be your zodiac sign, a symbol that represents your personality or life-changing experiences, quotes or even something as simple as a small heart. Again, be sure you can stick with it before going under the needle.


Pain Tolerance

Every person will feel pain differently, and tattooing is no exception. Some areas of your body are more sensitive than others, basically the areas where there is less cushion or more fat. The ribs, spine, feet, and hands are considered some of the most painful spots to get inked, so if you have a low pain tolerance, these areas may not be the best choice for your first tattoo.

A safer bet would be to start with a less painful area such as the upper arm, shoulder, or thigh, the areas that are less bony and have more flesh. It is also best practice to communicate with your tattoo artist about your pain tolerance so they can find the right spot for your design.


Hygiene and Safety

Because the process involves needles and ink penetrating the skin, getting a tattoo should not be taken lightly from a hygiene perspective. Ensure that the studio you choose follows the necessary safety regulations and uses sterile equipment. A reputable studio will have a clean and professional environment for their clients, there’s no compromise on that.

After the session, your commitment to maintaining good hygiene is just as important. Follow the aftercare instructions given by your tattoo artist carefully, and always keep your fresh ink clean and moisturised to prevent any infection.


Price Tag

Lots of things go into the cost of getting a tattoo, including but not limited to the design, size, complexity and placement. Your artist’s fees and location also play a role in determining the final amount. To save some dollars, you can opt for a simpler design or choose a smaller area to get inked. Another option is to wait for promotional deals or discounts offered by tattoo studios, as some usually give out special offers to attract customers.

Factor in the cost of aftercare products and touch-up sessions as well to protect your investment and ensure your tattoo looks its best.

Remember, it’s better to pay a little extra for quality work and hygiene than going for a cheap option that may lead to long-term regrets.


Tattoo Artist Selection

Entrusting your skin to someone for a permanent mark is not something you should take lightly. It’s your right as a customer to research and find an artist who you feel comfortable with, has the expertise in the style you want, and can deliver quality work. As such, do browse through their portfolio, read reviews from clients, and have a consultation session before booking an appointment. You’ll want nothing but the best for your peace of mind and satisfaction.

When evaluating a tattoo artist, it’s not just about their technical expertise; their attitude and professionalism play a vital role too. A skilled tattoo artist should not only excel in their craft but also create a comfortable environment for you. They should be attentive, receptive to your ideas, and ready to address any questions or concerns you might have.


Ready to Get Inked?

If you’ve considered all the points above carefully and are feeling ready to take the plunge, we’ll be more than happy to join you on your tattoo journey! Lighthouse Tattoo is a reputable and professional studio, offering exceptional service and a comfortable environment for all clients. Our experienced artists are skilled in various styles, from traditional to neo-traditional, Japanese art, and more. We highly value customisation and collaboration with our clients to create unique designs that they’ll love for a lifetime.

Consultations are always free, so feel free to drop by at our studios in Darlinghurst and Botany, or book an appointment with us today!

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