Why you should consider a Chinese Zodiac sign for a birth date tattoo

Y our birth year is a defining factor in your development. Whether it be the culture around you or the events occurring, the personality that you have has been partially determined by these outside factors. That’s why some people choose to mark their birth year with a tattoo. If you are looking for something different, mark your birth year with a zodiac from the Chinese new year you were born in.

Notable birthday tattoos

When searching for a birthday tattoo you will come across the same designs. These designs usually consist of Roman numerals or the modern numbers of the canvases native language, spelling out the date. These can be located on any part of the body and will have either a basic design or have embellishments around them. While these designs are appealing, if you are looking for something different then Chinese zodiac symbols may be for you.

Chinese new year

The Chinese new year will begin on February 1, in what our Gregorian calendar denotes as 2022. Chinese new year is based around the traditional Lunisolar calendar. This calendar marks the beginning of the new year as winter turns into spring, with different start dates ranging from mid-January to late February. These years are also signified by a symbol from the Chinese zodiac.

A zodiac tattoo from Lighthouse Tattoo

The zodiacs and their symbols and importance

The Chinese zodiac consists of 12 animals; the pig, the rat, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the goat, the monkey, the rooster and the dog. These symbols occur every 12 years, making the one marking your birth year very individual to the generation you grew up with. These symbols also have different traits that the person who is born in those years are set to have. For example, people born in 2021 have the traits of the ox. The ox is a symbol of diligence, honesty, persistence, wealth and strength thanks to the ox’s relation to farming in China. There are also many superstitions regarding your zodiac sign, certain symbols have good and bad luck omens pertaining to factors like numbers and even other zodiac signs.

How to find your zodiac

Finding your Chinese zodiac sign is simple enough. Like star signs, a search of our birth year in google preempted by a question of “what Chinese zodiac represents _” should do the trick. If you are born in January or February, make sure to double check the start date of this Chinese new year as each one starts at a different time. For example, if you were born in January of 2022 you would still have the symbol of the ox and not the symbol of the tiger.

Getting the right design

One of the most interesting factors about using a Chinese zodiac symbol for your tattoo is that there are lots of design routes you can take. You may prefer different styles and depictions of the creature, some examples of these designs could be a dragon in a Japanese traditional tattoo or a rabbit in a black and grey tattoo. This is all specific to your tastes and makes the zodiac symbol a great alternative to current birth year tattoos.

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