Where to find a custom tattoo artist who can bring your vision to life

A tattoo is a statement of commitment. Whether it’s a commitment to a lover, family member, or yourself, their permanent nature reflects this. This permanence also means you want something that you are proud to have as a part of you. To get a result you will be proud of, you need to make sure you are going to a tattoo artist you can trust to deliver a result you’ll love. When you are looking for a custom tattoo artist in Sydney who can fulfil your vision, come to Lighthouse Tattoo.

Masters of different tattoo styles

When you go to Lighthouse Tattoo, you have a variety of talented artists to choose from. Each one is a specialist in their preferred styles, with a dedicated page of each of their designs available here. Each style offers different avenues of exploration with the subject matter you wish to explore. Some of the examples we specialise in at Lighthouse Tattoo include Japanese, American Traditional, Neo Traditional, Black and Grey, Dot Work and many others. From animals to people, the style you choose will result in a different image that uses different shadings and backgrounds. For example, Japanese traditional tattooing includes lots of colours and a lot of background elements to create a design similar to a woodblock print. Black and grey, on the other hand, uses minimal background and colour to create a design that pops off the skin. As such, you should have a clear understanding of the style and how you wish your tattoo to look.

A variety of subjects

As important as the style is the subject of the tattoo. Whether you are looking for an animal, person, symbol, etc. you want an artist who portrays the style of the image in the way you want. For instance, if you are choosing to have an animal tattooed there are a number of ways for the artist to approach this. Some artists have a style that focuses on some of the unique properties of the animal, exaggerating them for a more stylised portrayal. This may not be to your taste and you may be better suited with an artist who is better at realism. This is the same for tattoos of people. The human form has been represented in a variety of ways across numerous modes. Japanese and American Traditional have very different interpretations of humans, stylising different elements. So to get the subject right, make sure you are checking the artist’s profile and have a clear idea of the type of image you wish to have portrayed.

A full back custom skull tattoo by Lighthouse Tattoo Sydney

Great custom tattoo artists at your fingertips

No matter how clear you are on the design you want, a bad artist will not deliver the look you desire. A great artist can not only deliver a piece you have envisioned but offer suggestions and improvements. At Lighthouse Tattoo, we only employ artists we trust to deliver fantastic results to our clients. Our artists work with you, allowing you to fully explain the design you want and help properly bring it to life. If you are unsure of the artist you want to work with, in our contact form, you can ask us to match you with a custom tattoo artist who suits you.

Two Sydney based locations

When looking for a custom tattoo artist in Sydney, the option of multiple locations offers the opportunity of having more artists to choose from. With locations in Sydney and Botany, you can access a variety of artists with different styles across both locations. If you want to learn more about what one of Lighthouse Tattoo’s artists could do for you, book a free 20-30 minute consultation today!

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