The Best Dot Work Tattoo Artists in Sydney

D ot Work is as much a style of tattooing as it is a method. These tattoos often represent a meshing of styles with the distinct look of multiple dots varying in shade to present the illusion of depth. Whilst geometric shapes and designs are popular, there are few limits when it comes to what images can be achieved with dot work. But in order to get the best Dot Work Tattoo in Sydney, you need an artist who knows and understands the art.

History of Dot Work

In essence, dot work is the oldest method of tattooing with the practice of using small holes to make permanent artwork dating back thousands of years. This style of puncture for tattooing is notable for its prominence on mummy Ötzi the Iceman. His tattoos were done by applying coal dust onto small incisions made into the skin. Other agent civilisations have shown examples of this practice with the Ancient Egyptians believed to have used copper or metal rods and the Moche using charcoal pigment and applying this via a cactus spine. This method, whilst modernised, still has some of these features with hand poking still being a popular method for dot work.

How is it done

Dot work can be applied via two different methods, the first one is by using a regular coil machine to apply the ink. This is a modern approach to the craft, as it provides a quicker and safer tattoo that will last longer than the alternative. That alternative is hand-poking the tattoo which uses a sharpened tattoo needle to insert the ink into the skin one dot at a time. This method, also known as ‘Stick and Poke’, has some stigma attached to it for its similarity to home tattoo kits and tattoos administered by inmates in prisons. However, when done by a professional, these tattoos can be deeply intricate with the unique control afforded by inserting the dots one at a time allowing a great amount of control. In either case, the end result is an image that has a fascinating complexity. These tattoos can be observed from afar as a beautiful image and up close as a selection of dots of varying shades creating a small portion of the beautiful design. Dot work also has the enviable reputation of being one of the least painful tattoos to receive, with some people stating it alleviates aches and pains.

A Dot Work tattoo by Lighthouse Tattoo

Does it have to just be dots?

One question you may have when considering a Dot Work tattoo is whether it has to be all dots, the answer to this question is no. Dot Work tattoos can incorporate solid lines and utilise the dots as shading to the inside and outside of these lines. This actually can result in a tattoo that will keep the pigment longer, thanks to these solid lines. You can also use different techniques within your design whilst having an overarching Dot Work look. Examples of this are geometric tattoos which will utilise the dots as filling for these shapes and negative space tattoos can see the dots encapsulated in a large black border.

What makes a good Dot Work tattoo

Firstly the most important thing to do when getting the best Dot Work tattoo is to get an artist with a proven repertoire in Dot Work. They should also have an image that you like and feel comfortable with. Whether you have a fully fleshed out idea or just fragments, consult your artist. This means you can open a collaborative conversation with them about the likelihood of the tattoo style suiting your design. In both our Sydney and Botany locations, we require a consultation to make sure you are getting the best possible tattoo. Discussions that may come up in this time is size as these styles of tattoos do take longer than regular tattoos. Another discussion may be whether you were expecting any colour as these designs are predominantly composed of dark shades. They will also inform you about the aftercare of your dot work tattoo.

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