Everything you need to know when getting your first tattoo

G etting a tattoo is an exciting experience, especially if it’s your first. It may also be a scary experience as you don’t know what to expect. This article is here to help alleviate those fears, providing information on what you should know before getting your first tattoo.

Have an idea fleshed out

This doesn’t mean having an idea that you want in your head, this means having the specifics ready for your artist. Do you have an image of the tattoo you want or something similar? Do you know whether you want colours? Are there any details you want your tattoo artist to incorporate into your design? These questions will help you and your artist to work out the right design for your tattoo. Furthermore, this decision making will help you in getting a tattoo that you’re happy with because you had it fleshed out.

Know the style you want

When it comes to tattoos the style is the most important thing to decide when deciding on an overall look. The styles we offer at Lighthouse Tattoo Studios are traditional Japanese, black and grey, portraiture, realism, western traditional, neotraditional, dot work, and geometric work. Our tattoo artists are specialised in their own style with a portfolio for each one available here.

Size of tattoo

In this case, size does matter. The location of the body you want the piece on and the overall look may affect this. For example, you could paint the Mona Lisa on a fingernail but it wouldn’t have the details of the original. That’s why it’s important to identify that if you want an intricate design with lots of elements, you may have to have it on a larger mass of skin.

Have a consultation

It is very exciting getting a tattoo and the thrill may override the more logical part of your brain. Luckily if you are reading our article on what to do when getting a tattoo then you probably aren’t going to just get a tattoo straight away. But if you are considering doing that, we strongly advise you do a consultation first. Not only will this allow you to check out the artist and get comfortable with the person who is tattooing you, but it will also allow you to finalise the design with a professional. Furthermore, they will be able to tell you things that you will have to do before you get your tattoo. These include what medications to avoid and what to bring.

Learn about aftercare

What’s more important is to learn about aftercare. Whilst the artist will run through this after you have your tattoo, you should start doing research into this now.  The best person to ask is your tattoo artist during your consultation as they will have plenty of experience of what works for their tattoos. This includes cleaning and what cleaning solution they suggest. This cleaning solution will be an alcohol and odour free soap that will reduce the chances of irritating the skin. When drying your tattoo, do not rub it with a towel. This can cause ink fallout and affect the overall look of the tattoo, instead, you should dab the tattoo until it is dry. Your artist will also suggest a lotion to keep the tattoo and the skin from becoming too dry and irritated. 


If you’re ready to get your first tattoo contact Lighthouse Tattoo today. We have stores in the inner city of Sydney and Botany ready to accept bookings. Our contact form includes direct contacts for artists as well general contact information if you want to learn more about the artists in the shop. Click here to start your tattoo journey. 


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