Pay an everlasting tribute with a memorial tattoo

Getting a tattoo of someone who has departed their mortal coil can provide a catharsis that helps in the grieving process. Whether it be an idol who helped you follow your dreams, a pet who was your first experience of unconditional love or a family member who instilled you with the belief to be you. Every reason will be different for a tattoo of this nature. This, however, does not mean that there are some ground rules to follow in order to make sure you get a good tattoo and a good tribute.

Find a good selection of photos

With the advent of digital photography and the smartphone, our relationship with photos has become one we undervalue. A particularly poignant reminder of this is when you lose someone close to you and realise the image of them you had in your head as a multifaceted individual is never fully realised in any photo. Alternatively, the photos of their younger self may be grainy or lack enough focus to pick out the details that made them unique. That’s why when picking the image you want tattooed, you should also choose a few reference images. This means that when you go to see the Sydney tattoo artist creating the memorial, you can give them a better sense of the important details you wish for them to capture.

Have a clear idea of what you want

Relating to the last point, you should also have a clear idea of what you want the tattoo to depict. This is not necessarily the person, but what context they are in. If you’re endearing memory of someone in a certain location or partaking in their favourite pastime, you can incorporate those themes into your tattoo. This is a very individual form of remembrance and, as such, you should use the opportunity to relay what the person meant to you. It is also important to have a specific tattoo style considered as well. For example, it may be hard for an artist to approximate full colour to a black and white image. You may want to depict them stylishly, i.e. an American classic style pinup, and would have to preface this so your artist can work with the image of the person.

Be willing to compromise to get the best tattoo

It is completely understandable that you will have a specific idea of what you want your memorial tattoo to look like. But what may look good in a photo may not translate well to the skin. Whilst we will endeavour to get as close to your vision as possible, we will give feedback based on what we believe may harm the overall quality of your tattoo. This may include advice on how the tattoo will age or how in depth the details would be given the size or location of the tattoo.

Get your artist to do a stencil to make sure it looks good on your skin

Another thing that you should do is make sure you have a consultation with your tattoo artist prior to your tattoo appointment. Not only will this allow you to get to know your artist and become familiar with them, but it will also allow you to flesh out the idea prior to getting the tattoo. This is also a great opportunity to lay any doubts to bed as you know you are getting exactly what you want.

Make sure you get a tattoo artist you can trust

Above all else, the most crucial part of getting any tattoo is getting a tattoo artist you can trust. When you come to our tattoo studios in Sydney: Lighthouse Tattoo Botany or Lighthouse Tattoo Surry Hills, you are getting tattooed by one of the best tattoo artists in the business. Each artist’s portfolio is available on our website so you can make the decision on which tattoo artist’s style you prefer. We also make sure our clients complete a free consultation, so that they and we are comfortable in going forward with the tattoo.

If you are interested in booking a consultation, use our online contact form to highlight the artist and time you want here. If you have more general inquiries regarding Lighthouse and our artists you can contact both our locations through our contact page.

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