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A Guide to Cover Up Tattoos

Not all tattoos have a positive meaning or bring happy memories. Since they're permanent, the feelings, circumstances, or beliefs behind them may change over time. Some relationships may have ended badly, and the tattoo you thought was a…

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What Are Japanese Irezumi Tattoos?

Tattoos have evolved into different styles and forms, with especially Japanese culture significantly influencing tattoo choices. In Japan, Irezumi tattoos have a turbulent history. At first, it was to identify criminals convicted of a crime. This punitive form…

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What do Japanese tattoos represent?

Understanding the Art - What Does a Japanese Tattoo Represent While many people get a Japanese tattoo simply for the beautiful aesthetic and interesting depictions of myth, some might be a little more hesitant to permanently decorate themselves in cultural work…

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Weekly Update 52

She’s all about that smooth black and grey folks, and this one is no exception! @demi.iacopetta hammering it home with another great one shot piece made before covid times . FOR BOOKINGS w: : ️: (+61 2) 9316 4565 A very…

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Weekly Update 50

OMG. Preorders finally available on this epic painting made by @ryanussher!!! . Prints will be made in either A1 or A2 sizing, so go ahead and DM @ryanussher to order which one you want now!! Go! . FOR BOOKINGS w: : ️:…

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Weekly Update 49

Get your jumpers for winter folks, it’s gonna be a bloody cold one!! . Head over to our website (link in bio) to check out our range of shirts, crewnecks, hats and prints. Treat yo’self or grab something sick for…

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Weekly Update 48

Is this not the most adorable commission piece you have seen yet?! @norrietattoo totally nailed this one, and is still available for more commission pieces if you ask real nice . FOR BOOKINGS w: : ️: (+61 2) 9316 4565 Kitsune.…

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Weekly Update 47

@enkutattoo has really blown us all away with this series of original paintings that he has been working on for clients and friends alike. . Enku is still offering commission work, so make sure you get your requests in before…

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Weekly Update 46

For all of you who miss seeing @ryanussher’s face everyday on the stories, this one is for you . From the whole team at @lighthouse_tattoo, we would like to congratulate @ryanussher on the arrival of his beautiful daughter just a…

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Weekly Update 45

More quality content from Mr @lonsdaletattoo with these sick sayagata prints up for grabs on his website! . Mark is also taking enquiries for when closures are lifted, so flick him an email with your requests to get a spot…

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Weekly Update 44

@jarradchivers is killing it in the painting game as usual with this scaley boy!! So sick! . Jarrad is taking on commission work now, so if you’ve always been interested in those colour pop Japanese pieces he creates, let him…

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Weekly Update 43

It doesn’t get much better than this.. @demi.iacopetta made this epic dragon prior to shut down, and it was so wonderful to watch! @demi.iacopetta is such a professional ? . FOR BOOKINGS w: : ️: (+61 2) 9316 4565 A favourite…

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Weekly Update 42

Faaaaaaar out!! @laurenfoxtattoo had the pleasure of making this gorgeous tiger and skull forearm piece before things got wild, and it’s wonderful!! . Hit @laurenfoxtattoo up for some future work now!! Consults available via email, might as well be first…

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Lighthouse Tattoo Weekly Update 38

Finito!! @laurenfoxtattoo put the finishing touches on this neotraditional style vintage pilot and peony tattoo recently, and it’s gorgeous!! . Lauren will be tattooing at the @austattooexpo next weekend, and has a couple of small spaces left to tattoo you!…

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Lighthouse Tattoo Weekly Update –

So sick!! @ryanussher is ready to smash some colour into this insanely detailed backpiece on the next session. Hands up for who is keen to see how this one ends up?! ?????? . FOR BOOKINGS w: : ️: (+61 2) 9316…

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