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Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to be well rested prior to your appointment, and to have eaten well within 4 hours prior of your appointment. Blood sugar levels are affected during the tattoo process, sometimes resulting in vasovagal syncope. We recommend bringing along some high sugar lollies or drinks with you to your appointment to keep your blood sugar at a reasonable level during your appointment. You must not attend your appointment under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and we ask that you attend your appointment alone if possible, as the only person permitted into the main studio area are those getting tattooed.

As the area you are getting tattooed needs to be hairless in order to apply a stencil, you may want to shave the area (and surrounding area) that you are getting tattooed on the morning of your appointment. Don’t stress if you haven’t done this though, as your artist will shave the area for you prior to the stencil application if you haven’t.

It’s a good idea to wear clothing that you won’t mind getting tattoo ink on, as there is a possibility this may happen during the process. Your artist will always try their best to keep your clothing free of ink, however it is sometimes unavoidable.

We ask that you come to your appointment clean and free of sunburn. Sunburnt skin is not able to be tattooed, so if you do have extensive sun damage in the area that is to be tattooed, we may suggest getting the tattoo placed elsewhere.

We do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18, regardless of parental consent. Tattooing a minor with parental consent in NSW is legal, however, it is a moral commitment for artists to do so, and at Lighthouse we do not have any artists who feel comfortable tattooing anyone under the age of 18.

The short answer to this question is yes. However, not as much as people might think. After a short period of time following the start of your tattoo, your body will begin to release endorphins as a natural pain killer, and will make the pain more manageable.

The pain of a tattoo is often likened to a mild burning sensation or a cat scratch. However, the real measure of how much a tattoo hurts is really down to where you intend to get it and your personal level of pain tolerance. Any area directly over bone will be particularly sensitive; this includes ribs, feet, hands, head, and pelvis to name a few. Add to this the number of nerve endings in an area and this defines the most painful places. If you are looking for a less painful spot, then you should consider a less sensitive area protected by a large muscle; such as the fore-arm, upper-arm, shoulder, calf and thigh. That being said, everyone’s pain threshold varies, so there are no hard and fast answers to this question.

As a general rule of thumb, we won’t tattoo hands, faces or necks unless you are considerably tattooed already. For example, if you enquire for a full coverage hand tattoo, we will ask if you have a full sleeve to join it up to already. However, this is decided on a case by case basis, and your specific artist will let you know where they stand on this decision. These tattoos have been coined as ‘job-stopper’ tattoos, so many artists feel most comfortable performing these pieces on people who have committed to the ‘heavily tattooed’ aesthetic already.

You certainly can! If you are intending to do so, please speak with us or your tattoo artist about this, as there are some creams on the market that are ineffective, and can make the skin harder to tattoo. Although, if you are only early on in your tattoo journey, we strongly recommend getting your first number of tattoos with no numbing cream, as the pain associated with tattoos is not only bearable but also a part of the full experience!

It’s highly recommended to stay away from extended water exposure until your tattoo has completely healed, usually 7-10 days. This includes the ocean, pools, saunas, spas and baths. Once your tattoo has completed the ‘scabbing’ process and there are no more flaky bits left on your tattoo, this is when you can go swimming again. However, please be wary of sun exposure during this time, as your skin is still regenerating and healing, and the Australian sun isn’t very forgiving. If you decide to go to the beach or tan while your tattoo is still healing, this can cause your ink to fade, and can sometimes end in permanent skin damage in extreme cases.

Yes we do!! Any skilled artist should be capable of performing cover ups, but this is assessed on a case-by-case basis. The ability to perform an effective coverup will depend on how dark your old tattoo is, what you’re wanting to cover it with, and what style you’re interested in having tattooed. For example, if you have an old tribal tattoo that is solid black and unique in shape, it would not be possible to cover this with a photo realistic portrait. The only way to cover black ink is with more black ink, so please bear this in mind when researching for what you’d like to cover your old tattoo with. Typically, the best practice for this is to come and see us for a face to face consultation so we can talk through your options, grab a tracing of your old tattoo, and create something custom for your coverup to ensure the best possible result. We may also suggest having some laser removal done if your heart is set on covering a dark tattoo with something less saturated. Either way, we will always recommend the best course of action for your specific enquiry.

We will supply you with an aftercare form following your tattoo appointment and talk you through the aftercare process, but you can also refer to our Aftercare page for further information.

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