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Cam Dosen

Bright colours, traditional Japanese approach

Botany Studio
1 Pemberton St Botany, NSW, 2019

Artist Information

Cam began his tattoo career in a busy street shop in Newcastle NSW in 2008. Starting in a street shop saw him taking on all styles of work in order to build his technical tattooing and drawing skills. Eventually, this led him to make the move to Voodoo Tattoo on the NSW Central coast in 2013, to focus more on custom work.

Cam’s main focus in tattooing is based in large scale traditional Japanese. His well saturated, vivid use of colour are trademarks of his style, with aims to create bold, readable designs that can be identified from across a room. Cam always aims to provide his clients with a positive, comfortable experience while supplying them with well tattooed, unique designs that are made for a lifetime in the skin.

Cannot say more positive things about Ryan or the team at Lighthouse! Waited basically a year and half for my tattoo with Ryan (100% worth it) and he has been nothing but professional and kind from the initial consult all the way to the actual tattoo. He made sure everything was perfect and made no compromises where other artist may have. He made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire session. Looking forward to more sessions with this legend!

Jason T

Friendly, trustworthy, experienced artists for all your body art ideas and group requests.

Nicole K

Great studio!!!! Absolute legends at this place, just a bunch of good people having a good time whilst doing some ripper tatts. Thanks for the awesome tatt!

Shane D

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