Bom has always been creative, studying photography in her college years and always with a sketch pad and pencil in her hand. Her love for tattooing evolved in her 20’s, which propelled her to undertake tattoo studies in Korea.

Bom began tattooing in 2016 at a shop called Black Ink in Seoul, with a focus on fine line tattooing. As she spent the next 3 years around art and other tattooers, her interest in Japanese tattooing became apparent. Wanting to pursue this line of tattooing, she then undertook an apprenticeship under master tattooer Horikaka to learn the rules and techniques of Japanese tattooing.

After her initial working holiday to Sydney in 2018, Bom has been wanting to return to Sydney on a full-time basis to work in a shop that will inspire her further in her Japanese tattooing journey. Bom’s main interest lies in large scale Japanese and fine line tattooing, and she is keen to continue tattooing both of these styles. Get in touch now to enquire about your desired tattoo from Bom!

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