Congratulations on your new tattoo addition! One of the most important stages of getting a tattoo is healing it correctly, to ensure the longevity of your new tattoo.

Please, if you have any questions or concerns during the healing of your tattoo, contact us directly on (02)9316 4565 or contact@lighthousetattoo.com.au


Leave your tattoo wrapped for 3-4 hours.

Carefully remove the wrapping and gently wash under running warm water with soap/bodywash of choice, making sure to remove any excess ink, blood or plasma left in the area.

Dab your tattoo dry with a soft, clean towel.

Leave your tattoo to air-dry completely prior to wrapping for sleep (wrap with no cream).

Next morning: Remove the wrapping, and wash your tattoo as before, and leave it to air dry for the day. If you need to wear fitted clothing over your tattoo for work etc, please wrap your tattoo in cling film (no cream) for the day. You will need to wash and re-wrap your tattoo half way through the day to remove plasma build up.

Next day (Day 3): Wash and dry your tattoo, and apply a fingernail sized amount of non-scented, anti-bacterial aftercare cream. We recommend AFTER INKED which is available for purchase from our studio. Ensure this is fully absorbed, and there is no layer of cream left on the skin. You may reapply cream once or twice through the day as needed, but please be aware of not over-saturating your tattoo with cream.


Over the next 10-14 days a light scab will form; please let this fall off naturally.

Continue to wash and moisturise your tattoo twice daily until the scab is gone and your tattoo is healed.



Do not pick or scratch your tattoo during the healing process; this can remove the protective scab too early, and cause scarring or ink loss.

Do not submerge your tattoo in water for long periods of time for the first 2 weeks of healing. This includes swimming, spas, saunas and baths.

Please refrain from direct sun exposure during the  following weeks after your tattoo. Once your tattoo peels, the new skin will be quite sensitive and easily damaged by UV rays. Opt for long sleeves and loose clothing during the healing of your tattoo for best results.

Do not apply any of the following to your fresh tattoo:


Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly)

Make up

Adhesive Dressings (on the tattooed area)

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