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Tattoos, once a fringe and unconventional form of self-expression, have soared in popularity in recent years, becoming an integral part of mainstream culture in many societies around the world. This rise in popularity can be attributed to a variety of factors, including increased societal acceptance, the personal desire for self-expression, and the influence of public figures and celebrities.

Little do we hear, however, about the importance of intentional tattoo placement and sizing. How and where you decide to place your tattoo will determine the overall look and feel of the design, as well as its longevity on your body. For instance, getting inked around bony areas like the ribs or feet can result in a more painful experience compared to getting inked on fleshier areas like the upper arm or thigh; tats on the feet are also more prone to fading due to constant rubbing against footwear.

Deciding on the Size and Placement of Your Tattoo

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when planning to get a tattoo is the design itself, but equally important is where and how big you want it to be on your body. Before you head to the tattoo parlor, take some time to consider these factors:


Do you want your tattoo to be visible all the time or do you prefer it to be hidden and only revealed on special occasions? Placement on highly visible areas such as the hands, neck or face can have an impact on employment opportunities and societal perceptions – you can expect a visible tattoo to raise some eyebrows in conservative workplaces or social circles. Tattoos on areas like the back, hips or thighs can easily be covered up with clothing, giving you the option to reveal or hide it as you please.

Some clients would also like to use tattoos to add some oomph to their figure, and may opt for placements that accentuate certain body parts. For example, a tattoo placed on the underboob area can be a sexy and unique addition to a woman’s curves. This placement, however, may experience more stretching or distortion if you have plans of pregnancy in the future. Other clients want their butt, shoulder, or back to be the focal point of their tattoo, and may choose designs that follow the natural curves and contours of these areas.

Pain Tolerance

Let’s face it – getting inked is not entirely pain-free. Though every person has a different pain tolerance level, some areas of the body are generally more sensitive compared to others. Bony areas like the ribs, feet or hands can be more painful due to the lack of cushioning, so expect to feel more discomfort in these areas. Fleshy areas like the upper arm or thigh have more muscle and fat which can help lessen the pain. The size of your tattoo can also affect pain levels – larger designs may take longer to complete and therefore result in more discomfort.

Career Implications

Although the world is becoming more accepting of tattoos, some professions may still have strict policies or negative perceptions towards visible ink. Client-facing or conservative industries such as banking, law, or healthcare may have specific rules regarding tattoos. To avoid any potential issues, consider getting a tattoo in a more easily concealable area or choose a design that can be covered up with clothing.

Longevity and Maintenance

Tattoos in certain areas of the body may require more maintenance and touch-ups compared to others. For example, tattoos on the feet or hands may fade faster due to constant exposure to friction and sunlight. They may need to be touched up more frequently to keep the design looking fresh. Tattoos on areas with less movement and exposure, such as the back or buttocks, may require less maintenance and could go on looking crisp for longer periods of time.

Ready to Transform Your Story into Art?

Our artists at Lighthouse Tattoo are not only skilled in creating stunning designs, but also in providing guidance on the best placement and sizing for your tattoo. We understand that every client has a unique vision and story to tell through their ink, and we are dedicated to helping you bring that vision to life.

Why Choose Us:

  • 30 Years of Experience: Our artists have decades of combined experience in the industry, giving us a wealth of knowledge and expertise in creating custom tattoos.
  • Custom Designs: No cookie-cutter designs here – we take the time to understand your vision and create a custom design that is unique to you.
  • International Recognition: We’re not just known locally; we’re recognized internationally as Australia’s Number 1 studio.

Passion for Various Styles: While we excel in Japanese tattooing, we’re also masters of American traditional, neo-traditional, geometric, and blackwork styles.

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